The Commission Process

The commission process for an original piece of furniture starts with discussions and the exchanging of ideas between the client and the designer/maker to clearly define the project  being considered.


To get started simply send us a written description, a picture of the space it's going to occupy, some measurements, and any visual aids such as pictures, drawings, and photos that can help to communicate your ideas  clearly. If you have a set of plans already even better! This can really speed up the process and help to generate a more accurate initial quote!

If you don't already have the project clearly defined or you don't have a set of plans there's no problem. We offer the full package which includes all or some of the following services;

  • Design consultation
  • Concept drawings - 3-D rendered drawings to scale
  • Detailed shop plans
  • Shop production
  • Fine finishes
  • Delivery and installation

This is all done step by step while working closely with you, the client. If you have any questions, comments, or you have a project in mind and would like to get started please contact us via e-mail or by phone 514-804-3044 and we will be glad to assist you.