Jason Scott Conway

Nook Design's owner, operator, and head craftsman Jason Conway, has over 15 years of formal training and practical experience in custom woodworking and design. He is a graduate of the School of Crafts and Design at Sheridan College (S.O.C.A.D) in Oakville ON, and is a Professional member of the Quebec Crafts Council (C.M.A.Q).

Nook Design Shop 

Since inaugurating his own shop in 2003, Nook Design has brought to fruition many diverse custom woodworking projects. Frequently being called upon by interior designers, modern furniture stores, architects, and private clients, for consultation and custom furniture designs, Jason's reputation for building well engineered furniture with precision and care has preceded him well.

Jason is committed to providing unmatched craftsmanship that is not compromised by quality constraints of mass production. He keeps his chisels razor sharp and he never passes up an opportunity to peel off a thin ribbon of wood with one of his perfectly honed hand planes. The shop motto is simple - 'Make it well, make it once'. Nook Design offers personalized custom woodworking services that often surpass expectations.

"As a professional member of the Quebec Crafts Council, I encourage you to please resist the temptation of buying mass produced imported products, and instead to support your local craftspeople. Our mission is to offer you high quality local products at a fair market value. It supports your local economy, promotes environmentally sound practices and offers you unique signature and heritage pieces."